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Eggs glorious eggs: Eggs three ways

Eggs. I love them. No really I think I may actually have an unhealthy obsession, most of my post-work dinners consist of some sort of egg based meal; boiled egg sandwiches, egg and soldiers, avocado and poached eggs on toast, pretty much egg and anything.

Eggs No.1: Fried eggs, chorizo and parsley:

  • Dice the chorizo and fry it in a pan with a teensy bit of oil

  • Crack over X2 eggs and fry them until they are almost cooked, then flip them to cook 'over-easy' - as our American friends would say

  • Sprinkle with flat leaf parsley, salt, pepper and voila, eggy goodness!

  • If you're feeling fiery you could add a dollop of chipotle and make them a little angry.

  • Serve with salad or gluten free toast.

Eggs no.2: Avocado & boiled eggs on rye toast:

  • Toast the rye bread until it is almost burnt - this adds flavour and makes the rye lovely and chewey.

  • Mash the avocado with salt, pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and spread over the rye toast.

  • Boil your eggs for 6.5 seconds (I like to put my eggs straight into boiling water)

  • Season with salt & pepper.

Eggs No.3: Lightly fried eggs with spinach & Prawns on gluten free toast:

  • Lightly fry the eggs by dabbing some olive oil onto a piece of kitchen roll and rubbing this over the surface of your pan - this is more than enough to cook fry your eggs.

  • Just before the eggs are cooked throw a handful of spinach into the pan ontop of the eggs, flip the eggs over to cook the yolk for a couple of seconds and then pop onto of your toast.

  • Place your fresh prawns onto of your eggs and season with salt, pepper and fresh lemon juice.

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