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Power juice: Carrot, apple, ginger, avocado, spinach. Mint!

I used to go into juice bars all the time but they are so damn expensive to buy everyday and so easy to make at home so I've vowed to try and always make my own to last me the week.

My power juice is a twist on the classic carrot, apple & ginger which I used to order every morning. I use more carrot than apple and have added avocado and spinach for added nutrients and goodness, as well as a little mint for a twist of freshness. Perfect in the morning to power you through till lunch.

You will need a good juicer to make this - I use a juicing fitting on my Magimix, but there are pleanty out there that are great.


* I try to use organic where I can

x4 Apples, cored (I used cox)

x10 Carrots, peeled

x2 Avocado

20g Fresh ginger

50g Fresh spinach

A haldful of fresh mint leaves



Blend all ingredients in a juicer. Store in a jug, bottle or flask in the fridge.

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