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Chiltern firehouse

(Above: Warm Crab Donuts & Devilled Cucumbers, spiced salmon tartare)

Yes, yes, I know, yep, totally agree, it’s too cool for school and full of posers and ‘sheleb’ spotters and let’s be honest, anywhere that Lindsay Lohan frequents should not be somewhere that anyone with taste should go…..well at least not more than twice a month right? Twice is ok isn’t it *stuffs face with warm crab donuts (yes, the words warm, crab and donuts have been combined into one joyful mouthfull)? Hmmm, yes, but did I mention the food, and the donuts and the food and the divine interior ooooh and the fireman’s pole *claps happily and forgets all things Lohan*.

photo 3-3.JPG

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