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The SBC Experience: An Interview with Russell Bateman

SBC (The Skinny Bitch Collective), or OMFGSBC, as I’ve taken to calling it - after barely making it through my first class - is the latest fitness craze about to take over the UK and most likely, the world.

The exclusive, secret collective is steadily becoming the most desirable place to ‘be seen’ in the UK, with hundreds of girls desperate to receive the elusive ‘SBC call’ to the invite only, tough as nails fitness session.

Loved by stars including Millie Mackintosh, Suki Waterhouse & other long legged models, the SBC experience promises to ‘re-define bodies across the globe’ and as far as I’m concerned any re-defining, or even just defining of my body is very welcome!

Having been invited to attend an SBC class, I can tell you that it’s tough, but bloody worth the pain, sweat and possibly 1 or 2 tears. Having been a gym member since I was 18 I thought I was fairly fit….ha, how wrong I was! Combining a series of unique and ever evolving exercises, SBC has certainly opened my eyes to what a real full body workout should feel like and not only that, it’s actually pretty good fun.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to catch up with long time personal trainer and creator of SBC himself, Russell Bateman, to find out everything you need to know about how to be an SBC girl...

Q: What sets SBC apart from normal gym classes/ personal training routines?

RB: “There's nothing like it. It's constantly evolving, educating and empowering. There's a buzz that's getting girls excited. Boredom is the enemy and this secret " cult" as it's been called is definitely a catalyst.”

Q: How long would you have to stick with the SBC way of life before you start to see a difference?

RB: “It's not a quick fix, the best bodies take months not days. Consistency is key. constantly change your variables and rotate your exercises for the stimulus needed to change shape. That's what the Sbc experience will allow you to follow.”

Q: What drives you to keep fit & healthy every day?

RB: “My priorities dictate my choices. I have to practice what I preach. I feel best eating great food from organic sources and great meats from grass fed animals. My goal is always to get stronger and fitter and challenge myself with every workout I do. Exercise is also driven by disease prevention. It's mother natures medicine at times and keeps a healthy mind and body working in unison.”

Q: What are your top tips for motivation?

RB: “If you can move freely and with prowess and health you should. We could get injured or something worse so my motto is always to embrace the human in you. You've got the best bit of kit available. Your body is next level.”

Q: Any secrets to health & fitness success?

RB: “Follow your own path. Trust in synchronicity and be nice.”

Q: What does your daily diet consist of?

RB: “Studies have indicated that pre-exercise meals can dictate what source the energy calls on for fuel and that the fructose contained in fruit is detrimental to fat loss (If that is the primary goal) Therefore, when I’m doing explosive SBC style training the optimal results will come from consumption of high protein and healthy fats / omega 3's at least an hour before you train. I eat raw sometimes but love a great bit of steak.”

Q: What is your favourite treat?

RB: “Raw chocolate.”

Q: Are there any quick fix last minute beach body exercises you recommend?

RB: “Cut out the white carbs like bread and pasta / rice. These cause inflammation that will be bloating you and screwing up your digestion. Add in more cruciferous vegetables like broccoli or kale and Do some uphill sprints once or twice a week.”

Q: Best exercise for toning?

RB: “Sprints, sleeping, sex.”

Q: “Best exercise for weight loss?

RB: “Sprints, sleeping, sex.”

Q: Best exercise for increased fitness?

RB: “Just go in and smash yourself every session so that your make up runs and you come out of the gym looking like you need a taxi home. Keep a note of your progress and get as far away from your comfort zone as possible.”

Q: If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?

RB: Don't underestimate yourself and overestimate others. You're stronger than you think.”

Q: What’s in store for SBC for 2015?

RB: “Some amazing collaborations, the Sbc experience launches in the new year and we will be traveling to a few countries to put on some special events. All so exciting!”

Follow Russell: @RussellBateman @thesbcollective

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